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Hello, We are ”MICHI-SHIRUBE”.
Before we established, we had supported such as refugees from Ukraine who needs some help for procedures for entry into Japan, livelihood support ,etc.

Through these activities, we have learned firsthand the complexity of the application process for displaced persons in Japan and the plight of these people in their actual lives, and we established this NPO in order to provide a wide range of support for these people.

There are currently approximately 2,000 displaced persons (as of June 2023) living in Japan who have fled Ukraine. Many of them have fled to Japan, but are still living in a state of anxiety and uncertainty due to the language barrier and the physical and mental stress caused by the absence of their relatives.
We would like to support not only Ukrainians but also a wide range of other foreign residents.

Incidentally, the logo of "MICHI-SHIRUBE" is based on the Chinese character "shinyou".
This "shinyou" is used in kanji characters such as "道", "逃", "迎", "速", "近", etc. These kanji characters are often used when a person is in trouble and needs someone's help to take action,
It is often used when people who are in trouble or who want to help someone act,
We designed this in the hope of helping such people.

We "MICHI-SHIRUBE", want all foreigners living in Japan to live a happy and prosperous life.

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  • 八木優良

    Executive Director, Founder
    Masayoshi Yagi

  • 江口哲平

    Teppei Eguchi

  • 中村健太郎

    Kentro Nakamura

  • 八木優良

    Shimpei Fujihara